20 July 2006

Some ideas you might like to try at home

Been a while, but moving into the new flat is taking up most of my time, and work most of the rest of it.

Anyway, I thought I'd list some potentially revolutionary ideas I have had in the past and the reasons why I never carried them out, for your entertainment....

1. Starting in October 1992 only listening to Beatles songs that had been released by thirty years previously. Meaning, for example, that I could not listen to Rubber Soul until November 1995. This may have given me a better appreciation for the progression in the group's work. It was never done because it would have been too much hard work and probably impossible given that you hear the Beatles everywhere.

2. Writing down every thought you have in a day. It was never done because it would have been impossible and discussion with friends suggested you would probably go insane. I still think it's an interesting idea, however I think you would need a dictaphone type deal to do it, perhaps a modified MP3 player would have sufficient capacity. There would also be that scientific thing about the very act of monitoring something causing it to change.

3. The interesting list of "words that are not part of a mobile phone's basic text predicting dictionary". Every time I get a new phone I think about this one, because there are some basic words that are not there, and some interesting ones that already are. I have found that "nike", "coca-cola" (but not, interestingly, "pepsi") and "eastenders" are there for you to use but "inclement" is not ! What gives? Never done because I am too lazy.

4. Milk cubes !!!!! Potentially revolutionary way to add milk to drinks, they would come in a clear cube, the covering of which would degrade on contact with hot liquid. This could help dieters who need to use only a particular amount of milk. Never done because I am not a scientist.

5. The Macca Project. I did "Tug Of War" I really did, I will do it, but the flat is my concern now.

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