25 March 2007

The greatest lesson Jesus ever taught was "always have a plan B"

Spent a great proportion of last weekend watching the superlative "North Square" on Teleport Replay or whatever Virgin call it now. Having not seen it (in common with nigh on everyone else) since it's only transmission on Channel 4 in late 2000, I was gratified to find that it really was a brilliantly written, directed and performed TV series.
Centred around a newly formed barrister's chambers in Leeds, the show highlighted the acting talents of Helen McCrory, Kevin McKidd and Rupert Penry-Jones as young barristers and Phil Davis in never-bettered form as Head Clerk Peter McLeish, a Machiavellian mixture of Del Boy, Arthur Daley, Gordon Gecko and Michael Corleone. Given another series and a bit of softening of the character, he could have been a TV archetype to rival Bet Lynch, Yosser Hughes or Victor Meldrew. He wades in the muck of Leeds' criminal underbelly to keep his barristers in business and spinning schemes on a sixpence to keep them from harm, and coming out with one liners like this piece's headline to endear himself to the viewer and his junior clerks, Johnny Boy and "Bob". Superb.
Alas, it was not to be, but any fans of 21st century television drama should seek it out (it seems to have disappeared from the listings now, sadly). Now, Virgin, any chance of "Trust"?

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