29 July 2007

What's that coming over the hill?

So...erm...yes...well...I've been busy. Busy-ness has prevented me from writing planned entries about going on holiday, the brilliance of The West Wing, a list of little things that annoy me, praise for the new Macca album (suffice it to say, some of it is fab, some of it is poor, and most of it is whistleable), an entry on "interesting things I've found on the ground", the melancholy that comes when landmarks of your past are destroyed and why everyone who previewed The Simpsons Movie got it entirely wrong.

But I've missed the boat on those, so you'll not hear about them unless I get desperate, which will be in about a month's time! I've given the place a bit of a "redd-up" as they say in my part of the world and prepared it for what it was always intended to do. Host my opinions and reviews of Fringe shows. The signs are up, the posters are starting to be visible, the Sunday papers have previewed lots of the shows they think will be "hot", I've taken a perverse pleasure in noticing that I have hardly any of them in my schedule, the cow is back - a visual signfier, in my mind, of all that is wrong with the Fringe, and some tickets have already been booked. My schedule this year, flying in the face of my stated goals of seeing less shows than the Arts Editor of The Scotsman, is quite ambitious, and I doubt it can be followed completely. There is at least one six show day, and a couple of 4s and 5s. Ulp. I've also booked ahead for more than I ever have before, but the stuff that's known to be good sells out so quickly.

Anyway......here we go......


Bonnie said...

I want to hear your thoughts on the Simpsons movie!

Anonymous said...

I want to know what you found on the ground!