07 January 2007

Back to reality

Just when we breathe a sigh of relief that Mark and Karen had lifted the trophy they so richly deserved on "Strictly" back comes Celebrity Big Brother for a fifth run, and the longest yet!

In fact there has been an explosion of reality TV since the New Year began, with Just The Two Of Us, Soapstar Superstar and CBB ensuring that only BBC 2 of the 4 majour channels (sorry, five I adored Big Love, but you're still not quite there) hasn't got a stripped reality show running at the moment. But I notice "Can Gerry Robinson Save The NHS?" begins on Monday.

I think CBB has less potential this year, than last, but a seemingly poor selection of housemates has been made up for in the shape of the legendary Ken Russell and the concrete ego that is Jermaine Jackson (parents, brace yourselves for I now intend to name my first child "Jermajesty" - the ludicrousness of the name meaning it matters not what sex the child is!). Fiona also seems to have taken a bit of a shine to former "Face man" Dirk Benedict.

Anyway, I will be attempting to limit my reality quotient this year, and have earmarked only "Strictly..." as a must watch, with an eye being kept on CBB, the regular BB, Britain's Got Talent and X-Factor (auditions for definite, thereafter a maybe). It is almost possible to measure out the whole year in reality if you go from CBB to Strictly Dance Fever to BB to X Factor to proper Strictly, and that is a scary prospect for television in Britain, which leads me on to....

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