23 January 2007

Buzz me up to...number 17

It had to happen eventually, but who knew it would be so soon? Since the singles charts (or "hit parade" if you prefer) embraced all legal downloads, it was inevitable that eventually some "joker" would persuade people to download something a bit random and get it into the top 20. For a while it looked like it was going to be the massed ranks of Doctroo fans pushing that song off the good-but-not-that-good Christmas special into "the only chart that counts". In fact it was the man who made me realise I'm not young anymore, Chris Moyles, who rallied his listeners to download "Honey To The Bee" by Billie Piper, from back she was still just Billie, and as I type it sits at number 17, a monument to the lost innocence of the charts.

I think downloading has been good for the chart, meaning the dog days of 40+ number ones a year may be a thing of the past, and good popular songs hang about for far longer - look at the Scissor Sisters and Razorlight hanging in with over 20 weeks apiece.

It does seem odd to me, however, that Moyles, as a DJ on a chart station should encourage the newly re-credible chart to be discredited, but then his appeal has always been a mystery to me. At least it's a good tune. As your grandfather would say....

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