18 February 2007

A herald!

So, back again, at last, eh?

Point one, you'll see the Valves has been somewhat expanded, with the addition of other blogs for you to try and the like, and I've also been experimenting with some other technical whizz bangs you might notice!

How are the various quests going, I hear you ask?

Well, six weeks in I'm five pounds lighter, which is not disasterous, but is on the worrying side. I've even had the old exercise bike defrosted to try to shed further pounds. I'm worried, however, that all it's doing is building me up into a God-like superbeing rather than reducing me to the svelte lamp-post I aspire to become!

At least one report will be published this month, so that's something, and I am committed to having further reports drafted by the end of February. Fingers crossed.

The ebay sales are going OK, but I'm not getting the prices I really want for some of the items and others have stubbornly refused to sell. If it isn't sold after 3 auctions it goes to the Charity Shop. I can't believe no one wants my near excellent condition McCartney biographies.

I'll have to console myself with the encouraging words posted about my blog (hint, hint!)

No, but seriously folks, and I mean this most sincerely, just knowing several people have been here is enough...


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the blogg muchly. Not sure if your aspiration to be a svelte lamp-post should be encouraged - I like the idea of a God-like superbeing! Fx

Anonymous said...

once a month? looking forward to march's update.find the path and all will follow!!!!