18 February 2007

"A sign of a healthy and energetic culture"

....indeed blogs have been much in the news recently, not least because of this woman, Judith O'Reilly, whose blog Wife In The North, about her experiences moving from London to Northumberland has landed her a £70, 000 book deal. If any publishers are looking in, I'd settle for £65, 000. This story was reported by the Sunday Times, who a week previously had published a story basically saying that Brian May, poodle-haired guitarist and Buckingham Palace straddler, was a bit grumpy on his blog. As, indeed he is, but is this news? Brian himself (of whom more hereafter) asks the same thing.
Another star with a blog is already celebrated antipodean, Clive James. James' website is shaping up to be a fantastic place to spend any spare time you may have, containing as it does many articles and essays unseen for a number of years, as well as his "Library" interviews. At the risk of becoming an unofficial Clive James fansite, I'll direct you here, if you need reminding what all the fuss is about.
(P.S. Clive's weekly Points Of View on Radio Four are already required listening for all. If I ruled the world this is the kind of regulated whimsy children would receive from an early age!)

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Clair said...

Oh, I love Clive to distraction! I've interviewed him a couple of times, and to have the great man laugh at your jokes is just *brilliant*. Did you hear him talk about Liz Hurley's wedding at the weekend?

Thanks for the link, much appreciated.