28 April 2007

Black Watch

So, 9 months on from this, would Black Watch still be as thrilling and satisfying a whole Fringe and a national tour later? In a word, yes.

On second viewing, the historical parallels are even stronger, the brilliantly executed set pieces even more brilliant, the writing even sharper and the characterisation, which was possibly overlooked by me last time in my awe at the complete spectacle, was pin sharp from the outset.

I would hesitate to say that the producers have taken the Valves advice and shortened the closing tattoo, but it certainly didn't seem to go on as long this time. The choreographed fights were tighter and what few alterations have been made to the structure of the piece have served to focus and energise it.

As the Herald says "The world should see this play."

NTW : The first "dance and physical theatre" move is still a tiny bit grating, but far less so than it was.

JTD : I've decided it's definitely letters from home. A wise man recently said "You can change people from that stage, change their minds." Even without a stage, Black Watch can do this.

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