28 April 2007

The Play What I Wrote

So, first up is the Morecambe and Wise referencing "The Play What I Wrote", West End hit and promiser of Special Guest Stars!
I thought it was a straightforward Morecambe and Wise tribute show with perhaps a slight linking narrative, but in fact it's the story of a struggling double act with similarities to Morecambe and Wise, one of whom wants to divert into serious theatre with the Ern'-like Play What He Wrote and the other of whom wants to follow the big bucks that he believes a Morecambe and Wise tribute show will bring them. The first half ends with them agreeing to follow the Eric and Ernie route and the second half is set up to be the show. However, it never really gets going, and they are side-tracked again into the "Play What I Wrote" with the obligatory guest stars - in this case Colin and Justin, one of whom was very good, the other of whom was very dire. I'm not sure which is which but the bleached blonde one was rubbish.
The show was fun and, as long as you're prepared for variety-style pratfalls, cross talk and double entendres, contains many good laughs. The biggest problem with this particular production was that I never believed the two leads were actually a double-act and they didn't garner much sympathy from this particular audient. I just wanted them to get on with the curtain routines and the songs and dances.
NTW : The whole production was just a little threadbare - design, or actual wear and tair?
JTD : Well done to Colin and Justin (and to all the guest stars ever) because far from a walk on cameo, they have a lot to do to carry the second half.

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