19 June 2006

...in the middle of our street

Well, I've bought a house. A flat to be exact.

And everyone seems to be cock-a-hoop about it.

Except me.

I now understand what people say about it being one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. I like knowing what I'm doing, so this has been a bit of a nightmare so far. Viewing properties without fully knowing what I should be looking for (I eventually picked all the things I looked for when I was looking for rental places plus central heating). Engaging a solicitor and working out what the bidding system involved. The vague information you get back from that. Speaking to mortgage advisors and taking their advice (incorrectly as it turned out in terms of how long it would take to finalise a mortgage, meaning I had to go back and try to renegotiate the entry date.) Dealing with the parents about what they were going to pay towards it, and what that would entitle them too (although it is a fantastic deal in those terms) Now I'm on to working out what furniture needs to be bought and how best to buy it (interest free credit, warranties, etc, etc.).

However, desipite it being a nightmare, it does mean I will have my own flat that I can have my way and all my little plans and schemes can come true. Which is nice.

And I know I'm lucky to be able to afford a flat in such a good location in these days but it's still a nightmare.

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