26 June 2006

Perfect isolation here behind my wall

Had a number of things I could have written about but have decided on the one that is causing me most grief at the moment.

Since last Wednesday I have been suffering from sinus blockage. I have been prone to this kind of thing most of my life, but in the past nine months have suffered quite badly, though thankfully not for long, three times. Basically, and this may be more information than you want to hear, I get all blocked up, bring up a lot of phlegm and usually suffer from a sore throat too. This time however, I have not had the throat problem, which last affected me on my first days in my new job and prevented me conversing very much with people as I would usually break down into uncontrollable and quite horribly "loose" coughing within a few sentences.

Instead the illness has borne the trajectory of :

Wednesday night - running nose
Thursday - blocked nose, coughing fits
Friday - coughing fits, pressure in right ear
Saturday - coughing, pressure in left ear
Sunday - coughin, pressure in left ear decreasing

The pressure in the ear, is not painful, but akin to deafness in that I can hear what I say amplified in my ear, but not what others say. This has lead to me talking very quietly but thinking that I'm shouting and turning the volume on the TV right up.

I thought I would be pretty much sorted today, but instead I am now equally deaf in both ears. This had led to feverish speculation in my mind that I am in fact, going deaf. Possibly brought on by the fact I have recently double the volume of the tracks on my iPod. Internet research indicates that "ear congestion" can be brought on by poor diet (check) or spinal/neck injury (possible side effect of my sporting injury ???)

Now, obviously my mind is running wild, and I have always had sinus problems from when I was a baby, though thankfully they don't happen too often. Hopefully by my next post the subject will be something else and not how I'm learning to live with deafness....

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