12 June 2006

A socially irresponsible post

Had a barbecue at the weekend. First time I've ever done one from start to finish, and it was lots of fun. The trick is to build little piles and then turn the coals over when they are white, spread them out and add others until your grill tray is full. Then you're ready to go, you need to top up every 45 minutes or so.

Anyway the most eventful thing was at one point the whole table on which the barbecues (there were two) were standing, caught fire, and I had to put it out. It reminded me of the old Public Information Films about the chip pan fires. I know they said, don't use water, but I figured that was because of the oil involved, so I used water. And towels to kill the fire at it's source. Within about 5 minutes it was all out. The only thing was I had to go pretty much back to the start with the barbecues, and that wasted some fuel.

I preferred the charcoal briquettes to the lumpwood, but it was all good.

Then, on Sunday I managed to get a sporting injury ! Considering how little sport I do, this is some feat, or perhaps that's why! Anyway, basically I fell over and my sunglasses cut my head, but because I was running between bases playing ball in the park it looked like I was making a heroic lunge for the base! And it looks as though I may get a cool scar over my eye! (How old are you !)

As Mark Corrigan would say :"I'm a man!"

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