06 June 2006

Snorty Licks

There is an advert on your telly (yes, it's on your telly, YOUR personal telly! There ought to be a law!) at the moment, which is advertising The Rolling Stones Forty Licks compilation. And there are two things about it which bother me....

The first is that of the Forty (geddit!) tracks on this compilation, representing The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World, the advert previews Ruby Tuesday, Miss You, Under My Thumb and Angie. All great songs (with the possible exception of Miss You) but hardly the rockingest selection when you could have the riffs of Satisfaction, The Last Time, Start Me Up and Brown Sugar, is it? They're the Rolling Stones for god's sake ! Maybe falling out of that tree did more damage to Keith than reported and this summer's concerts are going to be mid tempo all the way.

The second is the idea of "re-promotion", obviously the re-promotion is in aid of the concerts this summer (although they're not till August), but the concerts themselves are supposedly in support of A Bigger Bang, the latest "best Stones album since Some Girls", but that's not being repromoted, it's the greatest hits. However it does set the mind thinking on other possible re-promotions : "Out now, from the Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!", "The essential album of the year, Dire Straits Brothers In Arms (the year in question being 1986)" or "The breakthrough album from the new act everyone is talking about - The Bay City Rollers, Rollin'"

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