09 August 2007

Above the norm

Norman Lovett's Slideshow, Pleasance

Like an old friend, Norm turns up every other fringe to wax laconic on everyday life and the ways of the world, this year he has gone space-age and brought his slide-projector with him. For an hour he talks you through some the recent photographs he's taken with, he is proud to point out, a camera loaded with film rather than new-fangeld pixels.
After a slow start and a few blind alleys that have either been done too many times before (the Innovations catalogue and it's ilk) or are too personal to Lovett (chewing gum on the streets, anyone?) he hits his stride in the second half with tales of snowmen, sci-fi conventions and pregnant tree. If you like your humour gentle but inspired, book for Norm with confidence. You'll even learn how where to score drugs in Liverpool.

NTW : A few too many personal rants

JTD : Getting a huge laugh from a single shrug

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