14 August 2007

Daddy of them all

Justin Moorhouse - Who's The Daddy?, Plesance

Moorhouse develops a near instant rapport with his audience and never loses them for the following hour as he talks easily about his experiences as a father.
A mix of old school style and fresh content had the audience audibly in stitches through tales of shopping trips, single-parent holidays, premature births and father-child relationship building. The secret of a great comedy fringe show is structure and material, Moorhouse has clearly worked hard on both and, if some of the material is not as closely linked to the structure as it could be, Moorhouse's charm and personality paper over the cracks expertly before bringing it all back together for an excellent finale.

NTW : Very, very occasionally the gaps in the structure show

JTD : Pitch perfect delivery of excellent material - it never fails.

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