09 August 2007

The dingo stole your baby

Sarah Kendall - My Very First Kidnapping, Assembly Rooms

Taking a step away from her usual stand-up, Sarah Kendall brings a part-dramatised tale of outback terror to the Assembly Rooms. My Very First Kidnapping tells the allegedly true story of a weekend from Kendall's college days when a prank mis-fired and found her potentially in the hands of a serial killer.
As well as Kendall, appearing as herself, she is given sterling support by Joanna Neary and, hooray!, Justin Edwards. (If you, like me, were disappointed by what seemed like a no-show by Edwards this year rejoice, for here he is in a supporting role, but still hilarious).
The narrative is well plotted and paced and at some points the tension generated was almost unbearable. Telling such a dramatic story while never being more than 60 seconds from a laugh is a rare achievement. Throw in excellent thumbnail sketches of Kendall's family and a dance routine you'll never forget and you have someting fairly close to comedic perfection.

NTW : No, must have missed that

JTD : Top cast, top script, top direction - top show.

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