14 August 2007

Tired of the festival?

Johnson and Boswell - Late but Live, Traverse

A book launch 250 years late is presented as James Boswell persuades Dr Samuel Johnson to travel to Edinburgh again to puff their accounts of their Scottish adventures.
Spirited performances from Miles Jupp as the appropriately obsequious Boswell and Simon Munnery as the superior and caustic Johnson generate and maintain the audience's interest, even if there does not seem to be much "spark" between them. In retrospect, Munnery being able to get through his opening 10 minute rant against the Scots without being lynched is something of an achievement, however, he never quite escapes the shadow of Robbie Coltrane's Johnson in Blackadder.
With live accompaniment on the pipes and drums and well-worked anachronisms, the show is great fun whether or not you're familiar with the diaries and journals written by the pair.

NTW : Sound effects drowning out Jupp's "Journey to Skye" performance.

JTD : Duelling bagpipes

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