14 August 2007

Brothers, Sisters Can't You See!

The Tommy Sheridan Chat Show, Teviot

Surprisingly, following the itemisation and slating of his opening material in a national newspaper, Sheridan has stuck with it, but then neither taking any notice of the press nor letting go of lost causes were ever high on Tommy's agenda.
How you enjoy this show depends largely on your position on the ex-MSP, but whether you support or oppose him, you can't ignore the fact that there is the kernel of a possible future career here for Tommy. He needs to have his political edges softened a little and to learn that not every crowd needs to be whipped up into a frenzy and that the presence of a microphone means that there is no need to shout, but a couple of weeks with a media "coach" could see Sheridan develop a nice little sideline in interviewing. When he was comfortable with guest an subject matter, such as discussing football with Jackie McNamara, Tommy did well but such times were few and far between.

NTW : OK, Tommy, we get that you're a socialist

JTD : The sunbed timer

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