18 August 2007

Exile On York Place

Phil Nicol - Hiro Worship, The Stand

Returning after his triumph at last year's fringe, Nicol has engaged a star-studded band to playing Rolling Stones numbers during his new show about a Japanese man, the Hiro of the title, with a fixation on the aging rockers. The story is told with Nicol's usual manic energy, going from 0-60 in the time it takes to reach the stage in the Stand, and interspersed with hilarious impressions of Mick Jagger. If the show starts more slowly than Nicol's previous shows, once it gets going the laughs come in quick succession and in great quality. Nicol continues his legendary audience interaction and prospective punters should be aware that avoiding the front row won't necessarily mean you'll avoid physical contact with the Canadian.

NTW : An overlong song about obsessive fans

JTD : Bill Wyman's looking far better these days.

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