14 August 2007

Do not see this show

How To Pimp Your Kids And Shop For Free At Waitrose, Sweet

The title of the show is in no way ironic, Matthew Collins will tell you how to defraud an upmarket grocer and exploit the young. He even shows you the evidence to prove he is not joking.
Using a show as a marketing opportunity to sell a CD, DVD or book can be forgivable if the show itself is entertaining and, though he has a couple of mildly funny anecdotes, Collins' show comes across as a half-prepared presentation to the board. The climax, wherein he explains in detail how he allowed his two young children to busk in Key West, discovered they made money doing so and returned for not just the remainder of that vacation, but twice more since, provoked justified mutterings of moral outrage.
There should be no place at any arts festival for exploitation and borderline suggestions that the audience commit a crime. A closing film of the children outlining their agreement to participate leaves you with a nasty taste in the mouth. Avoid.

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