14 August 2007

Still no acknowledgement of the time spent in the Boat House

Dylan Thomas - Return Journey, Hill St Theatre

Another tour-de-force from Bob Kingdom, in this show recreating a reading by Welsh bard Thomas. As with Capote, the skill and stamina involved in maintaining a personality over 90 minutes is deserving of the highest praise, added to which, Kingdom never once referred to any script or text during recitation of 2 short stories and several lengthy poems. With base material like Thomas' the time passed effortlessly, with the tale of a mining village charabanc trip an especial highlight. The only false-step in the proceedings was the unfortunate result of a lighting effect that made Kingdom's wig bright orange and had the effect of turning into a down at heel Ronald McDonald.

NTW : D'you want fries with that, boyo?

JTD : A masterful, spell-binding solo performance

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