14 August 2007

(Inevitably) Whatever happened to you?

On The Stage - And Off, Assembly Rooms

Rodney Bewes has carved a comfortable niche for himself performing one man versions of Victorian and Edwardian comic classics, this year he takes on Jerome K Jerome's autobiographical accounts of his days as a struggling actor. In front of a beautiful and appropriate set, Bewes brings to life a panoply of the Victorian theatrical scene, from Michael Winner-like agents to elderly comedians and fading juvenile leads. The achievement of entertaining an audience for over an hour was somewhat undermined, however, by Bewes' threatening to dry up at several points - though he always managed to pull through eventually. Similarly, Bewes' particular vocal style meant that the ghost of Bob Ferris was never far away. That said, this was a solidly entertaining adaptation and an engaging performance by a clearly enthusiastic performer.

NTW : A little under-rehearsed

JTD : A fabulous set-piece between aspiring actor and cigar-chewing agent.

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