06 August 2007


Kim Hope - It's About Time, Teviot

Australian Kim Hope puts a lot of effort into her show but, unfortunately, her hard work can’t compensate for the poor quality of her material. She tries to confound the cliché that women are only interested in weddings and babies but succeeds only in confirming it with an annoying tendency to end a routine complaining about a subject, say, babies, by saying : “Nah, but babies are great really.”
Hope has a few good gags but not nearly enough to fill an hour, so it is fortunate that her personality can carry the audience through the act. Some interesting experimentation with the format of a comedy gig by introducing quizzes and prizes also relieves what might otherwise have been an unbearable hour.

NTW : No amount of personality can make up for a lack of gags.

JTD : The quiz managed to put a bit of momentum into her act.

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