14 August 2007

Wot no Tuttsi-Fruitsi?!?

Waiting For Groucho, Zoo

This story of the Marx Brothers, told by the Brothers themselves as an aged Chico and Harpo wait for Groucho to turn up to a reunion gig is enthusiastically performed by Glasgow-based Rhymes with Purple productions.
Though the piece covers most of the ground one would hope and the performances are genuinely spirited, the show never quite catches fire as Groucho's gags fall a little flat, Zeppo's monologue feels a little forced and too obviously expository, and Chico's accent veers all across Europe only occasionally settling in Italy.
Special mention should be made of the performance of Harpo who, as befits, does not say a word through the piece and comes closest through his physical comedy to the manic, engaging energy of the original.

NTW : Chico's accent

JTD : A functional and effective set is well used

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