21 August 2006

4th Time Around

Natalie Haynes - Watching The Detectives, Pleasance

Some shows are a gamble, some are a confident punt on an hour or so of entertainment, some are like a warm reunion with old friends, only one is a pilgrimage.

The annual trip to see Natalie Haynes holds nothing but good memories for me, and this is an easy bargain to keep on my side, I just need to turn up. Natalie's side of the bargain is harder to keep - come up with and perform new material to the same standard as previously. After 4 years she hasn't let me down yet!

Taking US detective shows as her starting point, Natalie hangs all her usual subject matter on a quest to find the man or woman to solve all the world's problems. On the way we visit such familiar territory as Natalie's hatred of children or stupid people and the annual update on the hate-mail she has received from pro-lifers. It's obvious from the start that the winner will be Dick Van Dyke, but watching Natalie get there is, as always, a treat.

Same time next year.

NTW : No Jim Rockford?

JTD : A dissection of Jessica Fletcher's conveneient ability to solve so many murders...

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