07 August 2006

Bussman (not Quantick) KINGSIZE!!

...although in fact she is quite petite.

Bussman's Holiday, St George's West

About 10 years ago I listened to a radio sketch show called Bussman & Quantick Kingsize about which I can remember very little other than "Rabbis In Love", a preoccupation with wolves and that it was very funny. In the intervening years, the exploits of David Quantick have been quite obvious to me, as a music journalist and comedy writer his work has dovetailed nicely with my own interests, but what of Jane Bussman?

Turns out I've probably seen quite a bit of her stuff too, UK and US TV comedy scripting and celebrity journalism. Jane's show tells us of her disillusionment with this life and her attempt to escape from it into the world of more serious journalism. This takes the form of a self-funded (beacuse no one will sponsor her story) trip to war-torn Uganda to report on the bizarre, entrenched and tragic social situation there.

Making comedy out of politics and tragedy is a tightrope and not one Bussman walks with complete dexterity (perhaps it's the glamourous but impractical shoes?), she never needs the safety net but her balancing cane is pressed into service regularly.

Technical problems plagued the performance I saw, most often - unfortunately - when the reveal of her slide show was the punchline of a gag. However, even with technology issues, Bussman relates an intriguing and incident packed narrative with great humour. Best of all, she doesn't hit you on the head with what you can do to help. (although if she wielded the riding crop she uses as a pointer for the purposes of discipline I wouldn't be complaining !)

NTW : The "National Geographic" filmed inserts

JTD : Turning her celebrity technique on Colonal Otema generating the response "I love Marks and Spencer...but they always try to make me get a storecard."

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