20 August 2006

Alas poor Yorick, I knew his puncture repair kit

Bouncy Castle Hamlet, Roxy Art House

One of the glories of the fringe is the opportunity it gives to brag about bizarre theatrical sights. In this case I know I will forever more be able to halt all discussions about Hamlet by saying "Of course, you've never really seen it until you've seen it on a Bouncy Castle." And indeed, this is what you get, a straight version of Hamlet performed on a Bouncy Castle.
The young cast tackle their casue with enthusiasm, although the performance I saw was marred by Hamlet sustaining an injury, deciding the audience had taken a dislike to him, losing hi slines and eventually quitting the stage in high dudgeon, leaving his fellows to make as fair a fist of it as they could. That the rest of the cast managed to do this is testament to their skill and application.
The Bouncy Castle was distracting at times, but at others it did actually add to the drama, during Ophelia's madness, for example.
A couple left after 30 minutes and it was only Hamlet's injury that made the rest of the performance worth sitting through. Ultimately the concept is what you come for and being able to see you've seen Hamlet on a bouncy castle is worht £7 of anyone's money.

NTW : The player king's lying back each time she changed characters in the play-within-a-play.

JTD : Staging the play-within-a-play on a mini Bouncy Castle

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