21 August 2006

Don't you think your voice is a bit high?

Lawrence and Gus - Next In Line, Pleasance

Lawrence and Gus are likeable and amusing, and at times this show is firmly in the hilarious category. What creates a slightly uneasy feeling is the question of where this sort of comedy can go? Is a Radio 4 slot the best that well-observed character comedy can aspire to at the moment, and if so, isn't that a shame?

In providing a show where each sketch features a character from the preceding one, L & G maintain audience interest until, just at the point where fatigue may be setting in, they break out into a mock argument between "themselves". This has been cleverly sewn into the fabric of the preceding sketches and is the highlight of an enjoyable hour.

NTW : The "Starship Enterprise under fire" staggering and swaying between sketches.

JTD : The move from characters to "themselves"

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