20 August 2006

Fresh Prince of Bel-size Park

Will Smith - How To Be Cool, Assembly Rooms

Why isn't Will Smith a household name? (I know that there is a Will Smith who is a household name - but why isn't this Will Smith a household name?)
He kept an audience from 16 to 65 (and that was just the front row) near hysterical fo 60 minutes with his dissection of what is and isn't cool and his own difficulties in understanding the dividing line.
Utilising his display screen less than in previous years, it was still integral, but his show was stronger for its use. When he isn't beholden to slides and video clips, Smith's self-dissection soars to well-crafted heights of absurdity and hilarity.
If Smith's skill and likeability were not proven in his material, then his wonderfully polite dealing with a drunken audient demonstrated it admirably.
As well as making you laugh, Smith really does make you wonder why Pete Docherty is cool but Dire Straits are not.

NTW : None at all

JTD : The ever-expanding "conversations with girls" diagram.

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