25 August 2006


Marcus Brigstocke, Pleasance Courtyard

Thank goodness Marcus Brigstocke's stand up shows aren't in the Fringe brochure, it means I don't have to review it and tell you that at least 75% of the material will be familiar to those who saw "Planet Corduroy" in 2004 or listened to The Now Show. However, at least Brigstocke's comedy rants - which, lest we forget, he absolutely believes in - bear repeat listening, so roll up for your old favourites : Consolidated loans, "He blocked my extension", EuroDisney fight and, of course, The Mrs Brigstocke Story!

There was some new bits, notably slagging of Anne Robinson and Ron Atkinson, but still no formal apology for "The Savages".

Nonetheless, Marcus Brigstocke is great and I laughed like a drain.

Only three more shows to go. I am sad.

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