23 August 2006

Having trouble with the word "applause"?

An Evening With Michael McIntyre, Potterow

Away with your "Pleasance Dome"!

Michael McIntyre was a very pleasant surprise, firstly he was 2-for-1 which is always good, secondly he was very funny. Imagine if Pierce Brosnan was squashed and permanently smiling and you have some idea of the toothy-grinned, floppy-haired midget's physicality. Add to this a quick wit and strong material and you have a recipe for a brilliant hour.

Unfortunately a couple of his gags were a bit long in the tooth (visual representation of the green walking man, anyone?) but he made up for this with sparky interaction with the crowd, including a couple who left after 20 minutes but not before trying to recruit McIntyre for their charity gig and an idiot who let his mobile phone go off during the show (reader, it was I, forshame!). Well worth his ecstatic reviews.

NTW : Closing the show on a gag first seen on Absolutely 16 years ago.

JTD : Natural charm and rapport in spades

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