20 August 2006

"That didn't happen to you, that happened to Jed Clampitt"

Levelland, Assembly Rooms

Rich Hall has taken a tentative first step into the world of serious theatre with this play presenting a vision of an America where oil prices have risne about 2000%. Hall himself plays a provocative talk radio host whose assured, confident world view is shaken by the arrival of a young hitch-hiker to his studio, followed by two of the young man's "business partners".
Hall's script soars in places, and the idea is an intriguing one. Unfortunately it is let down by a poor structure in places; meaning some of the piece is very wordy, espeically before the arrival of the 3rd and 4th characters. Once the situation escalates and the tension is ratcheted up a few notches the piece starts to bubble and Hall's nightmare vision of a world where no one can be fully trusted reaches what must be one of many similar conclusions.

NTW : Sound effects of doors opening and closing.

JTD : Little "stumps" of door frames to indicate doors.

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