07 August 2006

Cheggers Can't Be Boozers !

Justin Edwards - Unaccompanied As I Am, Pleasance Courtyard

Justin Edwards, as part of The Consultants and children's "entertainer" Jeremy Lion, has always employed music as a mainstay of his comedy, and this year's show concentrates solely on this side of his talent. Alas, this has the effect of reducing his mid-show alcohol consumption considerably - but perhaps that's the point?

Presenting an old favourite - A suit of blue, of powder blue - at the top of the hour means starting on a laugh, and it's a standard largely maintained throughout the 60 minutes. Keeping an audience from 16 to 65 enchanted with, basically, smutty gags is testament to Edwards' way with a clever rhyme and unusual subject matter.

The hit-rate is so high that neither technical hitch nor early-run hesitancy can mar the enjoyment of Edwards' show. Songs about "man walks into a bar" gags, Edwards' guardian angel and, most brilliantly, the career of Paul Shane are of a high musical and lyrical standard and his many versions of Dean Martin's "That's Amore" are equally stunning and groan-inducing.

A solid, hilarious and good value hour.

NTW : A disappointing critique of "You Rang M'Lord" (surely the pinnacle of the Perry/Croft oeuvre) during the Paul Shane number, saved by the....

JTD : ...appearance of the Chuckle Brothers, theme from Chucklevision and the "To Me, To You" catchphrase.

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