20 August 2006

He may be some time

Tom Crean - Antarctic Explorer, Assembly Rooms

The story of humanity has always been the story of exploration. In the early 20th century the frontier of exploration was the Antarctic; the so-called "last place on earth." As is pointed out at the start of this show, the leaders of these polar expeditions have become household names, Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton, but the men who supported them have been somewhat forgotten.
Adrian Dooley redress the balance in this one-man show in which he plays Tom Crean, the only man to go on three polar expeditions.
Crean's stories are gold anyway, and Dooley weighs them superbly to excite, entertain and on accaion move his audience deeply. His solo walk to base camp under Scott and Shackleton's last night off the coast of South Georgia are told so vividly there were times I forgot that the man on stage had not actually experienced those things.
Filled with character, insight and incident, this an hour and a quarter of pure quality. Tom Crean deserves to be celebrated for his exploits, so does Adrian Dooley.

NTW : None whatsoever

JTD : Dealing with audience distractions in character.

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