21 August 2006

Rub The Stump!

Phil Nicol - The Naked Racist, The Stand

The most entertaining stand-ups also stand out, and Nicol certainly stands out. His manic energy is in evidence from the first as he welcomes his audience and builds your trust of him, a trust that will become very important as the hour wears on.
Basing his routine around the aftermath of a split from his girlfriend and subsequent mini-break in Amsterdam, Nicol riffs on Irish pubs, amputee sex, fetish clubs and death metal - accompanied by full band.
All this leads up to the explanation of the title of the show, be warned, however, in this depratment Nicol leaves nothing to the imagination.

NTW : The death metal interlude goes on about a verse too long.

JTD : The intimate venue suits Nicol and his material well.

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