28 August 2006

Let Them All Talk

Talk Radio, Udderbelly

Inside the giant inflatable cow, which I must confess I was sceptical about in my reactionary way, lurks an excellent and comfortable venue. And before me (eventually) were the cast of Talk Radio.

The ubiquitous Phil Nichol stars as night time talk jock Barry Champlain as we are privy to an evening of his show. Eric Bogdosian's play gives us a slice of 80s American life, darkness and all, and the cast throw themselves fully into it. The performances carry the play through the passages where the dialogue is a little too stuck in it's time and Nichol remains as watchable as ever.

A minor classic.

NTW : The not-quite-lighting-a-cigarette moment seemingly de rigeur in every show this year.

JTD : The cast as an ensemble and Nichol in particular

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