07 August 2006

You Were Right, Lovejoy !

Dudley Sutton - Pandora's Lunchbox, Pleasance Courtyard

Like a slightly down-on-his-luck Tom Baker, Dudley Sutton can recount improbable tales of his life with charm and great humour. Structuring his show around the addictions his "inner Pandora" steers him towards, Sutton fits in anecdotes, poems and songs. None of which are brilliant but all of which are better than you expected.

Benefitting artistically, if not financially, from a small performance space and audience, the hour passed swiftly as if in the company of a much loved Uncle, or given his bare feet and aged baby face, an overgrown Hobbit. With his talking blues and poems nicely spaced out and relevant to the subject matter Sutton is never less than engaging. A long, blank verse tirade against modern life through the frame of Chelsea manages to amuse, outrage and inspire all at the same time but a closing punt at Tony Blair seems rather less focussed, although the central message (if "1984" is banned I don't want to live in such a state) is sound enough.

NTW : A rather too graphic description of the birth of his grand-daughter

JTD : Writing your cues on little stickers on the floor.

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