20 August 2006

"Not to scale"

Corinne Grant - Nice Lady Hour, Gilded Balloon Teviot

Corinne Grant doesn't give anything away easily. By the end of the hour you understand why this little-promoted act has sold out one of the Gilded Balloon's smallest rooms with Aussies.
Grant is a confident performer and this carried her through a rocky opening five minutes while the audience unfamiliar with her cottoned on to her style.
The material itself was good, though some of it was chucklesome rather than hilarious. It was in her interaction with the audience that Grant really scored the big laughs.
Her county-comes-t0-town, girl making her way in the ccrazy world schtick served her well and her ability not to take herself seriously ensured the hour passed quickly and she won over another small slice of the non-Australian public.

NTW : Opening with a boisterous song and dance routine meant the more reticent in the audience took a little longer to warm to her.

JTD : Working off the cuff is Corrine's greatest strength, she should exploit it a little more.

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