21 August 2006

Diamond Dogs

La Clique, Speigeltent, George Square Gardens

My dislike of Dance and Physical Theatre is well documented, so how come I enjoyed this so much? Well, firstly it's done well and secondly no particular act outstays their welcome.

From rubber men to acrobats and rollerskaters, La Clique provides a solid show of spectacular cabaret and if you're not too keen on this, there'll be something else along in a minute. Deserving of it's excellent reviews elsewhere.

Which brings me to another spot of righteous indignation which, I am pleased to say, does not stem from perceived wrongs against myself. The audience for La Clique pay around £17 per ticket with no caveats or warnings. I would be very unhappy, therefore, to discover that there are not, in fact, enough seats for all the ticket holders. Equally I was unimpressed by the amount of "reserved" signs on many of the best seats, a signifier of the dangerous creeping inequality of the famously egalitarian fringe. As I say, this did not effect me (only because I jumped the queue) but it did effect a middle-aged woman who was not allowed to sit on a "reserved" seat which was subsequently not filled. A bitter aftertaste to an amazing spectacle.

NTW : Some of the singing and miming went on a little too long and the emmcee was particularly smug and dislikeable.

JTD : The truly amazing Skating Rollers, the very flexible Miss Gyulnara.

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