10 August 2006

Magically Delicious

Andrew Maxwell- 'Round Twilight, Pleasance

Charming Irish fellow Andrew Maxwell has made a bit of a splash on the Fringe for the past two years, and this year he has brought two shows to Edinburgh for the balmy August nights.

'Round Twilight is his basic, stand up show, centred around his love of the night time and the adventures you can get up to there. In reality this is a hook around which to hang a couple of lengthly anecdotes and the theme doesn't really reach much of a conclusion in any way.

Maxwell's material is more prominently hard-edged than the routines I recall most fondly from last year, and the show suffered a little as a result. Maxwell is an accomplished story teller, however, and there was only one point when my mind wandered a little from his tales.

Added to this Maxwell has bags of charm, which meant the Americans next to me continued to laugh heartily through a venomous dissection of the problems with their country and its power.

Perhaps if Maxwell had done more "slipping in" and less "forcing in" of politics I would have enjoyed his show more, but a chance to see a master at work nonetheless.

NTW : Difficult, but running through old material for the purposes of explanation didn't require such a long run up and milking the laughter for the gag a second time.

JTD : Either his Leith schemie accent or out-weirding the Cape Town muggers.

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